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composite bonding

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding in East London

Even Out Your Smile And Gain Confidence

Composite Bonding is a modern and minimally-invasive way to restore teeth that have sustained fractures or stains. It is sometimes referred to as cosmetic bonding or dental bonding. By carefully planning the treatment beforehand It can also be used to give the appearance of a whiter and straighter smile.

We receive an increasing number of enquiries at Hermitage Clinic from patients seeking composite bonding in East London or those that live and work in the City of London.

What is Composite Bonding?

What is Composite Bonding?

  • If you have chipped teeth, or teeth that are uneven in size or spacing, composite bonding is a quick and minimally invasive option for improving your smile. It is possible to close small gaps between teeth with composite bonding treatment.
  • The process involves applying composite resin material to the tooth surface and then very carefully shaping and sculpting this to achieve the desired look.
  • In addition, we can complete the treatment in just one visit with no tooth preparation or anaesthetic required.
  • Its popularity has increased more recently, as it is a much simpler procedure than veneers or dental crowns and can be much more conservative when it comes to removing the natural tooth enamel.
  • Composite bonding is usually also a much more affordable option.

Frequently Asked Questions Composite Bonding

What kinds of composite bonding do you offer?

We offer two types of composite bonding at Hermitage Clinic; Edge Bonding & Composite Veneers.

What is the composite bonding process?

At your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your options with one of our dentists to better understand what may be the best choice for you. You and the dentist will decide on the chosen colour for your composite to match your existing teeth before treatment begins. You may therefore wish to whiten your natural teeth ahead of your bonding appointment if your goal is to achieve a brighter and whiter smile.

Once your tooth or teeth have been examined, one of our dentists will be able to let you know what to expect and whether you’re suitable for treatment. If you are happy with to get started, we will then be able to begin planning how to tailor treatment to your unique case.

How long does composite bonding last?

The composite resin used is designed specifically for this treatment and is very durable. However, it is still not as strong as porcelain and can chip and break. The longevity of the treatment will be determined to a large degree by how the teeth are looked after and any potentially destructive habits you may have.

To get started on your composite bonding journey with us at Hermitage Clinic, simply contact our reception team,
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